Saturday, April 22, 2006

"stationvideo" (film noir remix video) - spring '06 version

our film noir music video "from station to station" just got updated - some fine-tuning was made in the editing and the compositing, also the encoding (specially the smaller "normal" mpeg-4) should look better than in the previous version:

mpeg-4 version (ipod ready)

mpeg-4/h.264 version



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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

temporary download link for the "stationvideo" & how to find those links for your own ourmedia/ hosted items

update: all links are working again! original, outdated blog entry follows. - stationmaster

at the moment all the download links for our "stationvideo" on this blog might not work (those in the sidebar and those in the individual postings).

what is working: this link here! ("ipod ready" version)

there is a
problem at either or ourmedia at this moment, but this is how you can access those direct links if you need them for your own blog/podcast etc:

on ourmedia:

copy the url on your media item's page, e.g.:

and replace "download" with "details", e.g.:

that gives you the
archive's media item's page.

now click the "All files:
HTTP" link.

on this page you will find the
.mp4/.mp3 etc. that is working/that you can use for your blog, podcast etc...


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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

about the "stationvideo" & some more remix moving images...

in case you ever wondered how "from station to station" was done: it is a remix video using footage from the film noir "d.o.a." (1949) that can be downloaded here from - some more background information here on the movie's imdb page. it is a b-movie, but considered to be a film noir classic - and it is worth downloading the larger mpeg-2 version if you have a faster internet connection.

another remix of "d.o.a.", done by indiworks about a year before the "stationvideo", is "d.o.a. - remix xs". just click the play button on the embedded google video player right here, or download your copy of the video - ipod ready - via its ourmedia site!



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Sunday, January 15, 2006

moving images...

your stationmaster is back after his extended holiday break and welcomes all new and old readers of our little blog to a new year of visual engagements!

as you might notice there are a some new images to see, and not only stills... since this is a video (related) blog we now bring you real moving images to satisfy (at least some) of your cinematic longings.

a higher resolution version of this animated gif can be found here and our "stationvideo" - compatible with that new video ipod you might have found under your xmas tree - is here for download, just (right) click/"save as"...



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Saturday, December 17, 2005

taking a break...

there is still another chance to see "from station to station" live at the kunstwohnzimmer in berlin on sunday 18th december 2005. if you are living in or around berlin but can't make it this sunday just keep checking the kunstwohnzimmer website, agnes&nils might be showing our video again soon...

manoeuvres in beige and indiworks will soon take a seat in the "holiday compartment" of our cybertrain and therefore your stationmaster, too, will be taking a break from his blogwriting duties.

enjoy your holidays and come back next year for updates on our projects,


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Saturday, December 10, 2005

stationpeople's projects...

while the creative heads behind manoeuvres in beige are busy working on their next projects, there is a new remix/editing work by indiworks (who did the video to "from station to station"). "his girl friday - between the lines edit (2005)" is an editing experiment: the classic howard hawks screw ball comedy shortened to 8' 26'' - just the action, no dialogue. also: hard cuts for sound and picture only, everything strictly in chronological order. download via the video's ourmedia page. it's an h.264 encoded mpeg-4 file, 27,8 mb. don't expect anything like the "stationvideo". this one is more something for the film geeks, those who don't mind seeing avantgarde-like work...

more "stationnews" once they come in,


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Saturday, December 03, 2005

screening of the "stationvideo" in your art gallery...?!

the dates for the screenings of our video in vienna/austria will be pushed back a little since we are still trying to organise a video beamer for a very nice gallery...

in the meantime: if you are reading this and happen to own an art gallery or some similar place (not just in austria, anywhere!) and are interested in showing "from station to station" please feel free to contact us! (you don't need to have a video beamer: a bigger tv set should be o.k., too.) maybe a music video is just the right thing for your place to get new people interested in the work you are usually showing...?!


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Saturday, November 26, 2005

stationvideo @ kunstwohnzimmer

we are going on a mini-tour with "from station to station", bringing our video to art galleries and live events! if you happen to be in berlin/germany these days you could come to the kunstwohnzimmer on sunday 27th november 2005. agnes&nils are showing the "stationvideo" as part of their sunday event (18:00 - 24:00) - for program details check out their website.

next stop for our cybertrain morphed into real life will be vienna/austria in just a couple of days. more about that soon...


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Saturday, November 19, 2005

mix-up / link: "notavideoipod"

we just found out in the last couple of days that the "normal .mp4" of the "stationvideo" is actually the one that works on the video ipod - sorry for the mix-up - and thanks to roman for pointing it out!

the h.264 encoded version will still be linked here, if you are watching video full-screen (e.g. via itunes) than this is the one for you...

and here is another interesting video ipod related link: the "notavideoipod" yahoo group.

oh, and don't forget to check out dtv - it's really cool...


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Saturday, November 12, 2005

the "stationvideo" on dtv!

you now can watch "from station to station" on participatory culture's dtv! how it works:

download dtv

• using the "add channel" button at the bottom left side add this rss feed:

the "berlin art media" channel is showing the "stationvideo" together with other selected videos from berlin based video artists - our special thanks go to max willis from zepberlin, make sure to check out his work on the "berlin art media" channel!

for windows and linux users: at the moment there is only a mac version of dtv, but the developers hope to have the windows version ready soon, and there will be a linux version as well. have a look at their blog, if you are a linux developer: they are moving forward fast, but still need help!

the great thing about dtv: it is free and open source and you not only can watch videos, movies or vlogs, but using participatory culture's broadcast machine you can also publish you own work (with the option of a p2p/bittorrent distribution) and have your own channel on dtv!

enjoy the videos,


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Saturday, November 05, 2005

some useful ipod video sites

our "stationvideo" just got listed in the new and quite interesting podguide: the site gives you a good overview to (free) ipod movies, software for encoding video for the ipod and other related news.

there is also the wiki based freeipodmovies: this is a site where you can easily add your own "ipod ready" work!

and commonflix - a site that lets you link/share movies (they also offer distribution via bit torrent and you can actually sell your work) - has another list with videos for the ipod.

last but not least: our "stationvideo" ("normal" & "ipod ready") - just (right) click/"save as" (you just might have to wait a few seconds before the download shows up).

enjoy the videos, create your own work and distribute it to a world wide "vpod" hungry audience!


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Saturday, October 29, 2005

for your visual comfort...

just a few more stills from the video, so if you haven't downloaded it yet, here's the link: "from station to station".


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Saturday, October 22, 2005

the "stationvideo" on an ipod near you...!

we now can confirm that the "stationvideo" really is "ipod ready" - our video has successfully been tested on a brand new video ipod in l.a., california!

this is great news not just for us, but for all indie distributors: now there is a new way of getting your videos and shorts out to a world wide audience...!

you can download "from station to station", our film noir music video, right here - just (right) click/"save as":

update 24.04.06: "stationvideo" - spring '06 version ("normal" & "ipod ready")



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Thursday, October 20, 2005

special thanks - playback tips - seeking "test" audience

an indie release like "from station to station" would not be possible without someone hosting our video: thank you and for letting productions like us publish and promote their work for free! and also special thanks to the creative commons - your modern, internet and creator friendly approach to copyright is really important for a successful indie media movement!

playback tips

the mpeg-4 ".mp4" should play without problems on all major platforms - all the mac and most of the pc users we've heard of could confirm that. but if you encounter problems you might want to try out the free and open source vlc (video lan client): the vlc is available for mac, pc and linux and supports a wider range of formats than any other player (at the moment two proprietary formats are missing, but i'm sure the vlc people will find ways to support them in future releases...)

seeking "test" audience

and if you happen to be one of the lucky early video ipod owners: we are looking for someone to actually really "test" the h.264 encoded version of the "stationvideo" on their video ipod! we could to an extra posting with links to blogs/sites of people who have successfully done this...

in the meantime: keep on downloading and sharing the "stationvideo" - our cybertrain is rolling, but the journey only just has begun...


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Friday, October 14, 2005

your 24/7 cybertrain is here - now showing: the "stationvideo"

manoeuvres in beige and indiworks welcome you to the exclusive, world-wide online premiere of our music video "from station to station"!

it's a free ride! just download the "stationvideo" (right-click or option-click and "save as..."). (22 mb; mpeg-4 ".mp4")

since the "stationvideo" is being released under a creative commons license (for details click the "cc logo") you are welcome to share this video with your friends: make copies, distribute it over peer to peer networks (p2p) or simply link to our page!

more to come soon...!


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Thursday, October 06, 2005

from station to station

a train will be arriving here soon. everyone will be invited to take a seat and come with us on a journey of sound and vision. it'll be a short, but intense trip to film noir land and electronica à la beige...

and best of all: it will be for free!

departure: mid-october, 2005 - times: whenever you are ready! (it's a cybertrain, there is some flexibility...)