Saturday, November 12, 2005

the "stationvideo" on dtv!

you now can watch "from station to station" on participatory culture's dtv! how it works:

download dtv

• using the "add channel" button at the bottom left side add this rss feed:

the "berlin art media" channel is showing the "stationvideo" together with other selected videos from berlin based video artists - our special thanks go to max willis from zepberlin, make sure to check out his work on the "berlin art media" channel!

for windows and linux users: at the moment there is only a mac version of dtv, but the developers hope to have the windows version ready soon, and there will be a linux version as well. have a look at their blog, if you are a linux developer: they are moving forward fast, but still need help!

the great thing about dtv: it is free and open source and you not only can watch videos, movies or vlogs, but using participatory culture's broadcast machine you can also publish you own work (with the option of a p2p/bittorrent distribution) and have your own channel on dtv!

enjoy the videos,


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