Saturday, December 10, 2005

stationpeople's projects...

while the creative heads behind manoeuvres in beige are busy working on their next projects, there is a new remix/editing work by indiworks (who did the video to "from station to station"). "his girl friday - between the lines edit (2005)" is an editing experiment: the classic howard hawks screw ball comedy shortened to 8' 26'' - just the action, no dialogue. also: hard cuts for sound and picture only, everything strictly in chronological order. download via the video's ourmedia page. it's an h.264 encoded mpeg-4 file, 27,8 mb. don't expect anything like the "stationvideo". this one is more something for the film geeks, those who don't mind seeing avantgarde-like work...

more "stationnews" once they come in,


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