Saturday, October 22, 2005

the "stationvideo" on an ipod near you...!

we now can confirm that the "stationvideo" really is "ipod ready" - our video has successfully been tested on a brand new video ipod in l.a., california!

this is great news not just for us, but for all indie distributors: now there is a new way of getting your videos and shorts out to a world wide audience...!

you can download "from station to station", our film noir music video, right here - just (right) click/"save as":

update 24.04.06: "stationvideo" - spring '06 version ("normal" & "ipod ready")



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Thursday, October 20, 2005

special thanks - playback tips - seeking "test" audience

an indie release like "from station to station" would not be possible without someone hosting our video: thank you and for letting productions like us publish and promote their work for free! and also special thanks to the creative commons - your modern, internet and creator friendly approach to copyright is really important for a successful indie media movement!

playback tips

the mpeg-4 ".mp4" should play without problems on all major platforms - all the mac and most of the pc users we've heard of could confirm that. but if you encounter problems you might want to try out the free and open source vlc (video lan client): the vlc is available for mac, pc and linux and supports a wider range of formats than any other player (at the moment two proprietary formats are missing, but i'm sure the vlc people will find ways to support them in future releases...)

seeking "test" audience

and if you happen to be one of the lucky early video ipod owners: we are looking for someone to actually really "test" the h.264 encoded version of the "stationvideo" on their video ipod! we could to an extra posting with links to blogs/sites of people who have successfully done this...

in the meantime: keep on downloading and sharing the "stationvideo" - our cybertrain is rolling, but the journey only just has begun...


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