Tuesday, January 31, 2006

about the "stationvideo" & some more remix moving images...

in case you ever wondered how "from station to station" was done: it is a remix video using footage from the film noir "d.o.a." (1949) that can be downloaded here from archive.org - some more background information here on the movie's imdb page. it is a b-movie, but considered to be a film noir classic - and it is worth downloading the larger mpeg-2 version if you have a faster internet connection.

another remix of "d.o.a.", done by indiworks about a year before the "stationvideo", is "d.o.a. - remix xs". just click the play button on the embedded google video player right here, or download your copy of the video - ipod ready - via its ourmedia site!



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At 3:33 AM, Blogger michaelyay said...

hey stationmaster -

really nice work.

also, thanks very much for your nice comments on Antville about my video "rot in your arms".

those commenters are feral! i appreciate you stickin' up for me.

(i didn't want to comment on Antville, and fuel the flames of those crazy ranters further, but i wanted to express my thanks)

what's their deal anyway? i almost wonder if they're all really 14-year-old boys in the suburbs or something, cloaked in the comforting anonymity of the internet...

--- michael

At 8:22 AM, Blogger stationmaster said...

hi michael,


about your estimation of the antville commentator crowd: hehe... how could you possibly come that kind of conclusion...?

but more seriously: i am looking at all sorts of online platforms, and i think i have found my place: ourmedia.org. it is still "in alpha", lots of things are not working yet, there will be quite a few improvements in the weeks and months ahead, but if you want to: have a look. people over there might not comment at all, but if they do, than it is basically always in a respectful or even supportive kind of way - including constructive criticism. you can also find my ourmedia blog via my homepage (link in the sidebar).

and good luck with your videos...


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