Wednesday, February 15, 2006

temporary download link for the "stationvideo" & how to find those links for your own ourmedia/ hosted items

update: all links are working again! original, outdated blog entry follows. - stationmaster

at the moment all the download links for our "stationvideo" on this blog might not work (those in the sidebar and those in the individual postings).

what is working: this link here! ("ipod ready" version)

there is a
problem at either or ourmedia at this moment, but this is how you can access those direct links if you need them for your own blog/podcast etc:

on ourmedia:

copy the url on your media item's page, e.g.:

and replace "download" with "details", e.g.:

that gives you the
archive's media item's page.

now click the "All files:
HTTP" link.

on this page you will find the
.mp4/.mp3 etc. that is working/that you can use for your blog, podcast etc...


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